Just Be.

Concept Mapping

Connect-the-dots between anything on the web
Label the relationships
Collect comments with mini-blogs
Work privately or with a group of your own choosing in real time

More Than Mind Mapping

Anything can connect to anything, not limited to hierarchies
Make any website a topic in one click
Tunnel between maps
Graphical group management

Works Everywhere

Windows and Mac, no software installation required
Send maps by email as clickable Acrobat files
Personal backups
API for embedding dynamic maps into your own site
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Picking an Idea Mapping Program

• Are you limited to a hierarchy or can you work free form, connecting anything to anything else, or floating an idea without connecting it at all? Can you gradually evolve how things fit, the way the world works?

• Can you label the relationships between topics, not just the topics themselves?

• Can you share maps without requiring the viewers to buy the program, for example by sharing .pdf files or displaying a map in your own website?

• How easy is it to summarize all the comments made on various parts of the map?

• Is it cloud-based, or do you have to install and update software?

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List courtesy of Mind Mapping Software Survey, Chuck Frey,